Industrial Raw Material BU

Acetel Technologies is engaged in sourcing and distribution of Industrial Raw Material as well as machine tools and components across various sectors of the economy. The network of offices as well as representatives in key global locations is strategically helpful in ensuring quality and time bound supplies.

This division is engaged in international supplies of prime/ secondary/ scrap metal resources as well as minerals. This division also handles international supplies of various industrial machine tools, equipments and components in various sectors including telecom, energy, manufacturing and electrical/electronics.
Paper and Plastics:
This division is engaged in import of art paper, coated paper, news prints as well as engineering plastics such as Nylon, LDPE/ HDPE, PET and ABS.
This division does international trading in speciality chemical as well as chloroflorochemicals and fertilizers.
This division covers international supplies involving materials/ equipments/ components in the sectors of electrical transmission and distribution as well as the electronic industry. This division also handles international supplies of various industrial machine tools and components, in various sectors including printing, machining and plastic processing.
Agri Business:
This division is covering international supplies of agri and processed food products including dry fruits, pulses as well as rice.

Energy and Environment BU

Acetel Technologies is aware about the importance and potential of clean energy and environment conservation related technologies, solutions and businesses. The company is committed to shortly conclude and launch partnership with a renowned overseas energy institute as well as a leading organization in the area of clean energy for commercialization in India. This BU has already entered in partnership with one of India's most established public sector undertaking to market and distribute the solar photovoltaic panels and equipments globaly. This shall be in line with the medium term mission of the company to achieve vertical integration in the most relevant clean energy project in the Indian sub-continent. The underlying vision is to enable the sustainability of the natural resources and contribute towards the wellness of the society at large.

This division is geared to provide solar products and solar integration facilities for lighting, heating and power generation. This BU is also distributing solar lights and panels internationally.

This division caters to commercialization of new innovations in the field of environment conservation, waste recycling and reuse of resources.