Telecom Sevices BU

Acetel Technologies is providing network solutions and services in the telecom sector ranging from passive infra structure to active infra structure services for the major telecom operators as well as primary telecom infra providers.

Infra Services

Acetel Technologies is involved in the following Infra services in telecom domain:

Civil surveys and acquisition :
Site survey and analysis with acquisition process management.

Project Management:
Acetel has a well-experienced Project Management team can manage the entire activities of a project right from Site Survey to Site Integration. This helps an Operator / Client in having optimum man-power and relaying on the Project Management in executing the project successfully in time.

Structural Analysis:
  • Structural Analysis of existing structure.
  • Certification for stability by certified structural engineer for the selected candidate.
  • Structural design of foundation and drawings for tower and DG for the selected candidate.

Tower Foundation and Civil work:
Tower foundation is done through different processes as inspection, guidelines, verification and implementation till AT up to the customer expectation with quality.

Foundation Design:
The foundation design is done with lay out plan and other tools.

All the electrical work lies for setting up BTS cell site are covered.

Network Services

Acetel is involved in the following Network services:

Microwave Planning:
Microwave planning is carried out using the different tools used in the telecom.

RF Survey:
RF Survey is a process to identify the cell site location. RF survey is carried out for the location of BTS cell site after the RF planning on RF tool for meeting the Customer criteria for indoor & outdoor coverage in the circle where mobile services are to be provided.

MW survey:
MW Survey is a process to clear LOS (Line of Sight) between two Microwave Antenna. Microwave survey is done to clear a link between near end to Far end site.

RF Drive Test and Optimization:
Drive test involves setting up a call to best carrier and driving along the roads. While driving, the radio parameters and air interference signal data are collected as a log file.

Operation & Maintenance:
We at Operation & Maintenance Division endeavor to provide flexible, integrated, dependable, quality and responsive solutions for the Operation & Maintenance requirements in the telecom industry.